Why Does It Rain?

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Why Does It Rain? Back then, the all-mighty gods removed salt from ocean waters whenever humans needed to use it. In return, the humans would constantly pray and sacrifice their meals to the gods. It was a good system for a long time, but then, humans started to take advantage of the god’s kindness; they didn’t pray as much and stopped sacrificing their meals. The gods weren’t happy about that. Therefore, they stopped providing the fresh water to humans and left the ocean water salty. Sure the humans could boil the salt water, but it wasn’t nearly fast enough for the growing population. No matter how much the humans begged for freshwater, Zeus would not budge. The land stayed like that for a long time, until a young hero of the name…show more content…
Olympus and sacrifice them to Zeus in hopes of fresh water for your people. Good luck, young one.” After Demeter finished her instructions, she passed him the robotic arm to put on and the red lifesaver. Then, she was gone. Enrique was on his own now. Enrique was quite scared for what might become but he knows this is his destiny and he was going to follow through. He set out for the Forbidden Swamp with determination in his eyes. As he reached the swamp, he saw one rocky bridge with heaps of gators on each side. As he twisted his arm, slabs of raw meat pop out and the gators hungrily battle for a slice. With that knowledge, he started twisting his arm as he navigated to the other side. During his sprint, he made sure to grab about a dozen roses with his other arm. As he reached the other side, he slowed down and placed the roses in his back pocket. Even with the high spirit of not dying in the swamp, Enrique knew he had more coming. He started moving towards the stairway to Cambo. When getting there, he is met with an extremely upset Lord Harrysus Styles. That’s when Enrique started pulling out his infamous knock-knock jokes. “Hey! Knock-knock!” “Who’s there?” asked the Lord “A broken pencil,” Enrique replied “A broken pencil who?” the Lord shoots back “Never mind, it’s pointless!” joked Enrique. And with that, Lord Harrysus Styles laughed so loud. His mouth opened revealing his
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