Why Does John Hammond Need Money

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John Hammond loves money and would do anything for it, while Yevgeny Petrovitch Bykowsky and Walt Masters wanted to help people, but not for themselves but for others; however, all three would not stop until they got their goal. Initially, John Hammond was a very selfish man. He wanted to make a ton of money; however, not to help others, but only for himself and he did not care what got in his way. As he states in the fourth iteration, "Our original intent was to use the newly emerging technology of genetic engineering to make money. A lot of money," (Crighton). This showed his true intentions and the meaning behind the park. He would not hire more than one person for the job because it required money, which he did evidently not want to spend. Also, he did not want to kill the dinosaur because it cost too much money to make. Even through all of those incidents, he still wanted to continue with the park and make tons of money. In contrast, Yevgeny Petrovich Bykowsky tried very hard to help his son from smoking, which shows he was thinking of not himself, but was thinking of others. Notably, his son gets bored easily which makes his father think outside of the box. Later in the story, the reader sees…show more content…
This is important because he uses these skills to help Loren Hall, a man in need to protect his claim. Another quote, “Last of all, he has a good heart, and is not afraid of the darkness and loneliness, of man or beast or thing, ”(London) shows that he is very brave and kind. Last of all, would do whatever it takes to keep his word and help Loren hall protect his claim. This was shown when London said, ”Walt lay in the snow, thinking rapidly. He was only a boy, but in the face of the threatened injustice against old lame Loren Hall he felt that he must do something,” (London). He went on a very dangerous adventure just so that he could keep his word to the man and help
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