Why Does Our Society Provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disabilities?

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Nuzhat Nada 9/25/10 1. Why does our society provide vocational rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities? At present, our society provides vocational rehabilitation services to the PWID because majority of them feel it is their moral and social obligation to contribute to the lives of those who are deserving of their help. Since about 50 million Americans have some kind of disability, which suggest that in every family we are likely to see someone who is dealing with disability. In addition, since the medical field has advanced in prognosis and treatment, PWID have better chance to receive effective treatment that is likely to help them manage their life better. Therefore, citizens are more willing to contribute to…show more content…
However, some tax payers raise this question: how are the PWID helping the society? Since State and Federal funded rehabilitation agencies with more qualified and specialized professionals are trying to work closely with their clients around their disabilities which is helping individuals develop new skills according to their potential and ability. Due to the more accessibility to Public agencies, more people with disabilities are likely have better access to education where they can obtain appropriate knowledge and develop skills that will help them prepare to explore the job market and launch and maintain a job of their choice. These factors are helping PWID live a productive life where they can contribute to the society at large by exercising their fullest potential and abilities and achieving intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction which is the epitome of “quality life”. 3. What are the implications of your position for the use of selective nontreatment? I believe if a child is born with extreme brain damage and have no chance to develop or live a quality life, that baby should be allowed to die a natural death instead of keeping on tubes for long period of time which
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