Why Does Pojman Think Theism Is A Better Option Than Secular World Views?

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Question 2: According to Louis P. PoJman, theism (If true), provides eight these which are advantageous to humans. Unpack what the eight claims involve and why they can supply a sense of meaning to humans. Can some of these eight be attained through secular world views? If so, which ones and why? Why does PoJman think theism is a better option than secular approaches when it comes to meaning of life issues? PoJman recognizes one serious difficulty to theism; what is it and how does he attempt to minimize it or switch gears to another way of looking at it? Do you think that PoJman stance is convincing? Why or why not?
According to my own critical analysis of ‘’Religious gives meaning to Life’’ Chapter 3 by Louis PoJman; The following are the eight claims of theism (If true) and why they can supply a sense of meaning to humans:
1-Louis claimed that through theism we as human have a satisfying explanation of the origins of the universe, in other words, he believes that through religion we have story of creation, which helps us to have a better understanding of our own existence thereby giving us the true comfort in knowing we are created for a purpose in life, example, the purpose of living our lives in loving God who is the creator of the universe.
2-Louis also claimed that the universe is full of goodness, and for that reason good will always conquer over evil. Therefore, this particular claim of Louis explains that through religion, we as humans will learn to
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