Why Dog 's Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

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Why do dogs like to be pet?
Dr. Erica Feuerbacher said that past studies show petting as a way to lower our dog’s heart rate and blood pressure. This is very much similar on how human contact can help improve human’s health as well.
The professor and director of the Canine Science Collaboratory in Arizona, Dr. Clive Wynne, also conducted a study where he and his team of researchers found that dogs show more interest on those peole who pet them rather than those who only give them verbal praises. Dogs would stay longer and interact better with people who are petting them.
Aside from these scientific studies, there is also a theory made by Edward Donner as to why dogs like to be petted on the head. Donner speculated that the dog’s head contain many nerves that make it extra sensitive to sensation and touch. He further stated that a dog’s ears may have a branch of nerves that releases endorphines when stimulated. This endorphines will create a low-grade and morphine-like kind of high sensation.
Donner also said that there are nerves that run from the top of the neck down to your dog’s spinal cord to just above the pelvis. Once you rest your palm on top of your dog’s head or neck and slowly brush it downward along his spine and on the top of his tail, you can help in reducing your dog’s stress and anxiety. In this case, petting your dog can help your dog to relax on stressful and frightening situations such as vaccinations or a simple vet visit.
Do all dogs like to be petted?
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