Why Dogs Are Good For Our Health

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Introduction Is it true that canines are helpful in not only the school system, courtrooms, or just at home? Dogs are used as service dogs for people who have a medical condition that the dog is trained to detect a problem with the impaired person. Another way dogs are used is as therapy dogs for child victims who are anxious and stressed about testifying in front of the perpetrator. Last but not least dogs are in homes all over the U.S. and are seen as companions or part of the family. Some researchers believe dogs are overall beneficial to people, while some other researchers may argue that dogs are actually not good for our health due to disease and dog bites. Service dogs are not being used enough either due to financial reasons since…show more content…
When it comes to not having therapy dogs in the courtroom then you will have a child who is a victim of either sexual abuse or abuse not be able to testify since they will be absolutely terrified on the stand due to high stress and anxiety. The lack of dogs in the home can be hard on your health since dogs are a source of unconditional love and encourage the owner to be active and content. Researchers and people are concerned about the use of dogs in schools, courtrooms, and homes and they try to encourage others to support service dogs or drug dogs to help everyone out in the long run. Dogs & Health Research shows that dogs do in fact reduce blood pressure and heart rate when simply petting them. Even stressed out college students show significant results from just interacting with dogs and having their stress and anxiety reduced. This is something I actually did myself in college when I became stressed with finals, so I would go to one of the animal rescue shelters and help out with the dogs and it really did help me maintain my stress. When it comes to people and their four legged friend they are getting health benefits from their due to the way that connection and bond between dogs and humans can help humans relax and relieve stress. “Most people who have companion animals consider them members of the family. Unlike humans
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