Why Dogs Don T Love You

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Believe it or not, dogs can communicate though they may not have a language they’re able to speak. They show emotion, they are great watchers, and they listen and comprehend well. They are very distinct in the way they show emotion to each person that they meet just as well as humans do. It’s no surprise to me how human like they are but to some it may be a little farfetched. Do dogs love you? Often when I post on social media about my dog’s people tend to laugh. I talk to them, I give them birthday parties with homemade baked goods, they’re my family too. Titus, my blue merle Great Dane pictured above comes in my room every morning teeth showing, tail wagging a mile a minute, with a toy in his mouth ready to play every morning, that’s love. When I’m sick he’s always loyal and doesn’t leave my side just as my other Dane Pepper doesn’t. While my fiancé was deployed, I was all alone, had an upper respiratory infection, and I did not feel well for days. I could go on and on telling you about the displays of affection shown by my babies. One night sticks out to me, lying sick, with…show more content…
My dogs always know when I’m happy or sad, it never fails. According to Patricia McConnell, an author and animal behaviorist: “Your dog is probably a far better observer than you are. We as humans pay so much attention to language that it often interferes with our ability to see what’s happening around us.” Just think that knock at the door that comes as your wondering why your dog is already sitting in front on the door seconds before it happened. That one person your dog always barks at and you can’t figure out why. Dogs don’t have language but they do have sense and in my opinion, have better judgment than humans. They smell thing that we don’t smell like chemicals your body has when you're nervous or have a medical condition before you do. They listen and grasp so many ways the human can’t even
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