Why Dogs Make Good Pets?

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(Please delete this example when creating your own log.) Date: 5/11Time:20:5920:5920:5920:59Level:2 | Title: Source/Link: Source Time: | Vocabulary:NonverbalPowerfulPowerlessHormone | | Notes:The speaker talked about two different body languages, one is high power posed and the other one is low power posed. They showed totally different. For example, when we won the match, we automatically high our hands to show that we are happy. This posed is universal. On the other hand, when people felt sad, they will look at the low position. However, she also mentioned that the body language could change our mind. We can fake it and then become real through body language. She said it
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She has her own three mathematically verifiable tips for love. The first one is: how to win at online dating. She said that there are lots of beautiful models in the world, but they are not really attractive. People can try to be attractive rather than being the prettiest or the most handsome people in the world. The second she mentioned is how to pick a perfect person. To imagine that you are finding for the right person to marry, and you would like to know which person you date is suitable to you. There is one theory can help us, called optimal stopping theory. For example, if you start dating when you are 15 years old, and you ideal marriage time is 35 years old, the math says that you should choose the person who is after 37 percent of your first dating windows. The last one is how to avoid divorce. According to the mathematics, there are some equations reflect the relationship between the couple. For example, what will happened when wife get angry before the husband get angry? I think these mathematics are really interesting, but I also believe that if we follow the love that god gave us, it will be the truth love. | |

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