Why Don 't You Write One?

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My grandfather always told me that I would find the one for me. Jokingly I’d play along and say “How do I know when I’ve found her?” No matter how many times I’d rephrase the question or throw a spin on it, he would always respond that I’d know by the way my potential significant other would make me feel; that our bond would feel more like an everlasting friendship rather than a cruel torment of dealing with a person who does not fit my ideal of a significant other. I playfully ask him one day “Why isn’t there a manual to finding your significant other?” He replied to my inquiry and said “Why don’t you write one?”
Throughout history, marriage has been a sacred tradition practiced amongst the majority of the world. The moral basis of what makes a great partner or how to find said partner is very debatable. Some believe arranged marriages are the most successful. Meanwhile, the cliché of “love at the first sight” has been at the forefront. It has been a socially demanded way to find love in modern, Western culture but there is no “international standard” to accomplishing a great, healthy marriage. It leads to many everlasting questions: How do you know that you have found the one? Does love really make a good marriage? Without a doubt, I believe love has a place in your choice in selecting a life partner but it can be represented in many ways that show you have reached the theoretical standard of a healthy marriage.
By definition, marriage is the legal and formal recognized…

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