Why Don 't You Write One?

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My grandfather always told me that I would find the one for me. Jokingly I’d play along and say “How do I know when I’ve found her?” No matter how many times I’d rephrase the question or throw a spin on it, he would always respond that I’d know by the way my potential significant other would make me feel; that our bond would feel more like an everlasting friendship rather than a cruel torment of dealing with a person who does not fit my ideal of a significant other. I playfully ask him one day “Why isn’t there a manual to finding your significant other?” He replied to my inquiry and said “Why don’t you write one?”
Throughout history, marriage has been a sacred tradition practiced amongst the majority of the world. The moral basis of what
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The relationship amongst the two should have a solid, unshaken respect for each other. Mutual respect is a very simple concept that plays a large role in the partnership. It means you avoid demeaning or belittling your partner, you are both on the same common ground, and neither you nor your partner outranks the other based on: financial status, emotional status, past mistakes, gender and ethnic background. What is expected from a stable couple is for them to take the opinions, wishes, and values of their partner under serious consideration when dealing with personal affairs or confronting problems they might find in the relationship. If respect is absent in the relationship, it should not be awarded the title of marriage. Couples will not be able to effectively resolve indifferences without mutual respect. Partnerships who fail to resolve any dispute effectively and maturely show signs that they are lacking a pillar of respect in their foundation which results in no balance or common ground in the relationship. Can someone honestly love someone and refuse to give them the respect they deserve and need at the same time?
Now, that is why compatibility is also a factor in a successful marriage. Actually taking time and getting to know the person you wish to be with allows time to understand them as a person. Compatibility works just like batteries in a
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