Why Donald Trump Won The Vote

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Since the announcement of his running for presidency, Donald Trump was not taken seriously by the mass media and politicians. Trump who is an American businessmen and television personality announced his run for presidency from Trump Towers, New York in June of 2015. Trump was among several candidates who ran for the republican party. During the 2016 republican convention, Donald Trump was announced the winner and would be running against democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. Throughout the process campaigning and touring the United States both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton attempted to gain the vote of the American people. Many news outlets rooted and were even sure that Hilary Clinton would be the next president of the United States. However to the surprise of America, on November 8th 2016, Donald Trump reached a…show more content…
The result left many news outlets baffled and the question of how was Donald Trump able to win the vote despite the statements he made throughout his campaign. According to the, “blue-collar and working class voters got credit for Trump’s victory…but he flipped a lot of very white-collar voters as well”. In addition, the news site also mentioned that another reason was because voters wanted a change in government. One of the greater reasons as to why the GOP nominee won the election was because of the vote from the mid-west and white Americans with a lower education. In an article by Danielle Kurtzleben from stated that “whites without college degrees have fled to the GOP”. Up until the Bill Clinton administration, this group of voters was in the middle between the democratic and republican party, and since then have been in favor of the GOP. Kurtzleben later explained how white college graduates were in favor of Trump by 4 points, however whites who did not have a degree preferred Trump by 39
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