Why Don't We Listen Better? Book Review Essay

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Running Head: Book Review Practical Book Review: Why Don’t We Listen Better? By James C. Peterson Angelia Godette Liberty University HSER 508 Practical Book Review: Why Don’t We Listen Better? By James C. Petersen Listening is a very complicated skill that many people do not posses. It requires individuals to reflect and to admit to their flaws. In order to communicate effectively it is important to know when to talk and listen. Peterson’s book is an excellent tool to enhance all types of relationships. SUMMARIZE! Petersen, J. C. (2007). Why don’t we listen better? Communicating and connecting in relationships. Tigard, OR: Petersen Publications. Peterson’s uses a variety of situation and scenarios to support…show more content…
My husband and I are both two very defensive people always struggling to get our point of view across. We communicated just like to attorneys in a court room trying to win, as he described in his group. Instead of listening and trying to understand what each other is feeling we jump right into our own emotions. I remember once I told my husband I was sick of him telling me what to do. Automatically he responded by telling all the things I don’t do. We eventually began to attack each other and began to bring up other things about each other that bother us. It was an extremely frustrating experience. While reading I began to think, “I’m going about this whole communicating and listening thing all wrong”. I began to think how things would have went differently if I would have been educated on the proper ways to express my feelings and listen to his. It was strange but I felt a small feeling of guilt (my stomach speaking of course). I was very anxious to share my new found wisdom with my husband, but decided to wait and maybe lead by example. The “One fish story at time” part of the book reminded of husbands. He is a very good story teller, but tends to hog the spot light. When we first met we would tell stories from our childhood and I every time I would begin to tell a story he cut me off and begin telling another story of his own. It made me laugh to see much this book attained to me. REFLECT! After reading and
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