Why Drug Trafficking Continues to Rise Despite the Risks Involved

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Drug use around the world is very common. According to Drug Trafficking, “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that 208 million people worldwide use drugs annually on at least one occasion.” Illegal drug trafficking is an increasing issue around the world that many people are not aware of. This issue causes problems to people everywhere, whether they are involved with drugs or not. Cocaine use has many harmful effects for people. For example, it can cause problems in a child if a mother uses it during pregnancy. “Prenatal cocaine exposure is associated with an increased risk of cognitive impairment and developmental delays during the first two years of life” ("Infants"). Often mothers do not realize the problems they are…show more content…
If places like these were more closely watched, less drugs would be able to pass through. In addition to Costa Rica and Britain, Also, "Last night we had additional information that (Harding and Joseph-Calhoun) were bringing a substantial amount of crack cocaine back from Lewiston. They've been making near daily trips for the past two weeks to Lewiston" (qtd. in Karkos). There are a few reasons why drug traffickers continue to sell cocaine despite the risk of getting caught. The main reason is money. According to Terry Karkos, cocaine has a street value of about $1,500 to $1,600. Drug dealers understand they can make a lot of money. Some traffickers sell drugs because they are poor and use it to support their family, such as Corro Zuzunaga Enrique Bruno, “The reason why I did this is because my family is very poor and has no money," Bruno said, adding that his 83-year-old mother was ill in Peru and he could not afford to cover her treatment" (qtd. in Denial). In his case, he needed money to support his sick mother. If he had any other source of income, he would not have to risk getting caught with illegal drugs. In addition to Bruno, Lane Anderson says that poverty has a greater influence on the outcome of society than exposure to cocaine. Anderson means that poverty is what makes
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