Why E Commerce Is Important For The Business

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Mid-term Exam Introduction: Kootenay Pottery Co. is a small business that started as a one-person operation in a home. The company makes unique, handcrafted, functional pottery items. Now the business is growing and the company started to use a process called ‘Slip casting’. Now they can produce up to 100 items per day. The equipment are really expensive. The items are sold at good price and they also have small number of customers around the world. So as a growing company, marketing is really an important factor for the business and in today’s world E-commerce is the best option to adopt for the marketing. Why E-commerce is really important for the business? E-commerce is basically use of internet and web to transact business. It is…show more content…
As described in the scenario their online presence is not that good for a growing business. Their website just contains their name, phone number and Address. It is not a proper way to do the business through your website. Your website should include all the information about your all the products. It should have a page that describes about you and your business. It should have all the information about how your products are made? All these information will be really important for any business because it will describe all the valuable things about the business. Now, why it is important to develop a proper website for your business? Now a days, if people come across some new things or some new products they will first try to get all the information about that thing, product and business. They will try to search it on google and similarly if they come across with some new business, they will try to look at their websites to get all the information. If your website is just containing your business name, address and contact number; they won’t try to approach you because it did not give any information about you and your business. People like clear and appropriate information and in this advanced and modern era, websites are key to provide the information. “Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them. The main reason that it is important for businesses to have a website is
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