Why E Commerce Works ( Study ) Essay

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Why e-commerce works (study)

Almost daily contact us via email or Twitter messages studies, whitepapers and research why people buy products and services online. E-commerce works, usually is the statement, but received marketing professionals but little insight into the real causes of this behavior. E-Commerce is much more to be elaborated as an online store, introduce beautiful product images and low prices as a marketing method in the company.

Small businesses can implement difficult methods of large e-commerce systems
E-commerce means today, to take care of their own website, constantly updates to publish and in social networks to be present. The recent studies from the 2014 show for the first seven indicators for the successful marketing of products and services on the Internet. And this study was not focused on the largest and most successful companies, such as Amazon. Their marketing methods are usually not feasible for smaller companies without large marketing budget.

Based on the study of e-commerce and their findings
Basis were over 25,000 buyers on online platforms, both about their attitude, were as interviewed in detail also about their motivation and behavior on online shopping platforms. Quirk 's Marketing Research Media and other market researchers conducted this study in the second half of 2014. Overall, yes is the late third and fourth quarter, the strongest sales period for online purchases.

Result 1: Checking the reviews before buying
The consumer debt
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