Why Education Is Becoming A National Issue

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Education is constantly changing. Every year, new curriculum is introduced into the minds of students and teachers alike. Along with new teaching techniques, new processes to increase teacher effectiveness are being implemented in every public school in America. Unfortunately, many of the new techniques and processes are not permanent solutions. Today, many problems face the Education system, stemming from the undervaluing of teachers in public schools. Primary and secondary school teachers are not valued as teachers anymore, rather than a commodity to babysit children, This problem stems from the absence of communication, and the lack of an objective teaching measurement tool. In this essay, these problems and sub-conflicts residing in the main issues will be analyzed, along with the solutions to these issues. Teachers and educators around the nation are increasingly demanding education reform and help from the government. With increased standardized testing, moral obligations of Technology, the degradation of parental support, and lack of teacher funding, it is easy to see why education has become a national issue. In the article the Need for More Teachers of Color, the author highlights these major issues that are vying for the top of teaching challenges.
“Challenges such as lack of autonomy, teacher isolation, and inadequate administrative support, are easier to solve them teacher pay, yet they also fall on the top reasons why many teachers...leave, and why those of

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