Why Electronics Are Used For An Hour Before Bed

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The hypothesis was if electronics are used for an hour before bed, then the person’s sleep pattern will change because the blue light emitted from an electronic device alters the amount of melatonin in your body which allows your body to know when to fall asleep. The data that follows proved the hypothesis. Trial 1. In the first trial had two people, Jaydee and Kaitlyn, use electronics and another two people, Jared #2 and Emma, restrain from using electronics. The average time spent sleeping for Jared # 2 was 8.1 hours. The average for Emma was 7 hours. As a whole they slept an average of 7 hours and 30 minutes. The average spent sleeping for Jaydee was 6.9 hours and the average time for Kaitlyn was 6.7 hours. As a whole they slept an average of 6.8 hours. The average time of sleeping for those who didn’t use electronics was longer than those who did. This proves my hypothesis. Trial 2. In the secondary trial Alyssa and Jared ceased using electronics and Anastasia and Grace used electronics. Anastasia’s average sleep duration was 6.4 hours and Grace’s average was 6.5 hours. Alyssa’s average sleep duration was 8.4 hours while Jared’s was 8.7 hours. For the two who didn’t use electronics before bed their overall average was 8.5 hours while the opposing group’s average was 6.5 hours. Those who didn’t use electronics before bed slept almost two hours more than those who did, proving the hypothesis. The group who did not use electronics also reported
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