Why Employees Are More Motivated Than Others And Implications

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Why some employees are more motivated than others and implications, do the differences Some employees are more motivated by others because they have achieved an element of self-efficacy, whereby they can to achieve optimum performance by putting the right amount of energy towards the same. This aspect most often than not comes from an immense form of experience in which people continuously do a given exercise to an extent that they get well acquainted with the job and, therefore, able to deliver high-quality jobs in return. Some employees are also highly motivated as compared to others because they have a high form of expectancy in that they do have a strong belief that they stand to achieve more by doing what they are engaged in with a lot of clarity and determination. Such employees will, therefore, carry out their duties with a high level of enthusiasm because they have a positive alignment towards the work that they have been accorded. Such individuals will also show an element of imitativeness and innovativeness since they are self –challenged and can make decisive actions that are likely to be of great benefit to the organization that they are working for. Some of the implication that these differences have on us as leaders are that they do encourage us into taking up the center stage and aim to establish better strategies that are aimed towards establishing great levels of motivation towards work. Some of the strategies may come out of proper brainstorming and
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