Why Employees Must Respond Better When Working With A Leader That Provides Clear Instructions

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This type of organization will keep goals and tasks in line. I will apply this same type of structure in the organization that I am leading. I truly believe that employees will respond better when working with a leader that provides clear instructions. This can range from providing meeting itineraries to giving follow up emails that ties together all the information presented. Having tangible and well-organized material can help others to work towards the same goals. Other strengths that I exhibit include being structured, responsible, task-oriented and determined. Michael Jordan once said this about weaknesses, “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” Any good leader should be able to outline areas within themselves where improvement is needed, besides acknowledging my weaknesses can only serve to make me better in my position. I have been able to identify certain areas where improvement is needed in order for me to be a successful and effective leader. These areas include my lack of self confidence and at times lack of superior communication skills. Lack of self confidence can be a result of not being knowledgeable in certain areas. The feeling that others may have more training or education than myself leads to feelings of anxiety, which translates in displaying a lower level of self esteem. This preconceived notion that others are superior and I am some what inferior
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