Why Employees Quit Their Jobs Essay

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All over the globe retaining employees is a most critical factor for the organisations. High employee turnover is more common in private sector as compared to public. In construction industry, to reduce employee turnover and to improve the productivity of an organisation, organisations have to be aware of the reasons why an employees quit the organisation?. Employee turnover can be explained as the expenses, in term of money, time, and quality of work, that an organisation bear while replacing an employee. If an organisation fails to satisfy the needs of its employees then it is obvious that the employees will look forward to fulfill their necessities. This chapter discuss the reasons why employees quit their jobs. Why Do Employee Leave an Organisation (5,6) In construction industry employee turnover is always expensive. Not only, employee turnover is expensive in terms of money, but also it is expensive in terms of time due to the exit of a talent, it costs a project time delay, lost of knowledge, and over work to other employees. Mismanagement of human resource can convert a turnover to the disproportionate level. US Bureau of Labor Statics states that, “turnover can cost an organisation about 33% of an employee’s total compensation, including wages and benefits”. When a employee quits it affects other employees adversely and lower down their morale and low morale not only impacts the organisation financially but also it impacts the effectiveness and the efficiency of
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