Why Employees Should Be Paid Analysis

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In order to decide how much my employees will be paid I will first check around the area to see what other childcare centers are paying their lead teachers, childcare assistants, directors/office staff, cleaning staff and cooking staff. If my center was for example only paying $9.00 an hour while over at another center they were paying $12.00, I may not receive the best help because those people would be going to where they were compensated at a higher rate. I understand that it is not quite as easy as saying, all my employees will be making three more dollars an hour, I must first consider all my expenses. The cost of the building, electric and water bills, the cost of the food and formula, etc. must all be covered before I am able to even…show more content…
If I as a director see positive interactions with the children and continual growth going on in their classroom, I will reward my employees with vacation days. Typically the two items employees’ value is money and time. Therefore time off will assist with relaxing and taking time for themselves to promote self-care. Additionally, I would compensate my employees with staff lunches or dinners, where the childcare center would cater food for all to enjoy. Throughout the past twenty years of my life, I have learned that people are genuinely happy when they are around food, therefore providing a meal here and there would reward my employees with a job well done. For example, over the summer I worked in a printing mill, when each department met their safety standards, we were rewarded with dinners to say congratulations. This may not have been money, but it was self-satisfying and let the employees know they were doing a good job. Many educators choose to go into the educational field for the outcome, not the income. Therefore, they may never have the most money, or the biggest house, but what educators will have is a full heart, and at the end of the day that is what truly
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