Why Employers Do Not Hire People With Criminal Histories

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In the article written by Stoll & Bushway (2008), it was explained that based on the increased number of incarcerations yearly,it is approximated that almost nearly 10% of all men will serve time in either state or federal prisons in their lifetime; with the percent of this number increasing every year. Nearly 2000 inmates are released daily from state and federal prisons daily; if prisoners are able to successfully integrate back into society and are given the ability to maintain positions within an employment setting, then they are less likely to return prisons and will instead maintain employment (Travis, Solomon, and Waul, 2001).This article goes on to explain that employers for the most part are reluctant to choose a person with criminal convictions to work for an organization. There are many reasons why employers do not hire people with criminal histories, which would include: being afraid of stealing, violence, lying, and cheating within the organization (Stoll & Bushway, 2008). Having a criminal history, presently eliminates ex-offenders from employment opportunities when applying for a position. Therefore, organizations must refrain from asking applicants about criminal records on an employment application.The prohibition on requests for criminal history information covers only the "initial employment application process," which includes both the job application and the first interview of the job applicant. A Law that was put into place is called the Ban the

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