Why Energy Drinks Are Unhealthy

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Why Energy Drinks Are Really Unhealthy: Some Dangers of Drinking Energy Drinks Why Energy Drinks Are Really Unhealthy: Some Dangers of Drinking Energy Drinks A lot of people drink energy drinks now, especially young people and teenagers. Adults drink Red Bull and Monsters too explaining it that strong coffee doesn’t help them. Of course, people feel good when they drink energy drinks. Energy drinks have become popular among students in preparation for exams, office workers who do not have time to meet the deadline, some athletes (in fitness clubs), tired drivers and clubbers - for anyone who is tired, but should feel fresh and full of energy. After drinking the energy drink, you immediately feel a surge of…show more content…
However, the researchers note that the taste of power engineers and other carbonated drinks are not bad. The liquid from the jar to drink constantly and it is not boring - unlike, for example, from ordinary water with sugar. At the same time hooked to the power not only to avid party-goers. Pour tired students and honors students to better prepare for exams, young professionals, so as not to waste precious time in sleep, and time to make money. I read web article “Surrey school bans high-energy drinks” from BBC website. It tells about Oxted School in Britain. A Surrey school has banned its pupils from drinking high-energy drinks because of their impact on behavior. A spokesman for the energy drink, Red Bull, said it does not recommend its beverages to caffeine-sensitive individuals, including children. The rapid release of adrenaline, increased mental activity, after a short time leads to a decrease in strength. After drinking an energy drink you have to give your body time to recover and take out caffeine. An overdose of caffeine causes nervousness, irritability, lack of sleep and appetite. With long-term regular use of caffeine appear cramps, stomach pain, and deterioration of the nervous system. For children it is most harmful drink. Especially if they drink it more than they can. In addition to the caffeine in energy drinks high in sugar, which can also lead to short-term increase in the activity of the brain. These drinks are quite high in calories,
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