Why English Should be the Universal Language Essay

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Why English Should be the Universal Language


English is the global language of business today. Many multinational companies are assigning English as the common corporate language, such as Fast Retailing, Nokia, Samsung, Technicolor, and Microsoft in Beijing. Companies do this in order to enable communication between international business meetings and endeavors. English is spreading on a global scale on a high rate; it is spoken by 1.75 billion people worldwide, which means that one in four people. These concerns led Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, one of Japan’s largest online market place, to adopt English as the common mode of speech in 2010. This policy led Mikitani to establish a diverse and influential organization, and look for talented people from all over the world. Although having a common mode of speech is necessary for all companies, adopting English as the common language can be difficult. It may cause many employees to oppose with a global language policy, especially if a company targets domestic customers. They may be worried about the unequal treatment they may receive if their English is not as fluent as others, or their national pride might prevent them from accepting English as the global language.
English is essential for companies to survive and prosper in the globalizing economy, by being able to easily communicate around the globe (Harvard Business Review, 2012). Conversely, there is opposition to this idea that English…