Why English Teachers Remember Names Of Their Students

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Do English Teachers remember name of their students in large class?
A Case Study of Teaching Large Classes in Jambi, Indonesia

Muhammad Intizom
Jambi, Indonesia

This paper tried to answer one simple question in handling large class. Does English teacher remember names of their students in large class? The answer of this question will lead to other problems that will be revealed in this paper. This mini research used interviews to find the answer. 3 EFL teachers from one public secondary school in Jambi, Indonesia participated in the study.

1. Introduction
Teaching English in a large class is very challenging. It will be more difficult for teachers to make sure that students are engaging in their class. It is also very confusing to give objective marks for students since there are many names they have to remember. If there is no more option for teachers rather than teaching in large class, they have to start adjusting themselves in this new situation. Many theories suggest on how handling a large class, but the implementation of these theories will give different result for different condition.
It is commonplace to state today that Public High school in Jambi cannot avoid of having large classes. It was estimated that from 11 public schools in Jambi, each class will consist of 35-65 students (Anon, 2015). This phenomenon is another challenge faced by English Teacher in this city. They need more efforts to do their work. One of the least efforts they have to

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