Why English is Important Essay

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Why do I have to take English? Who needs to know all that stuff about diagramming sentences, the proper use of prepositions, misplaced modifiers, malapropos, etc. How will I use it in everyday life. Well, I guess it is quite simple; communication. Without the use of proper English we would have a hard time communicating. Let’s begin by looking at a basic form of communication, the newspaper. How many times have I read the newspaper and had to reread it several times to figure out what they were saying. It seems the world has become lackadaisical when it comes to the English language. We just put words down on paper and that’s it. We don’t care whether it makes sense or not. I guess we figure we can speak English that should be enough. …show more content…
So, lets get back to the basics and make it right. Why is it so hard to do a simple diagram of a sentence, I’m talking the simplest form of diagramming; subject verb. Why is it so hard to decipher whom the sentence is about and what they are doing? To me I think it is a great dishonor to all the great educators who have toiled for years for the knowledge to pass on so we might be a well spoken people. So now educators are trying to dumb down education, not elementary educators, which shows in the lack of English knowledge in college students, but college professors. Now you hear in the news of a professor wanting to teach “Black English” in college. The so called “Black English” is basically street-talk, which is synonymous with ignorance. Did not the likes of W.E.B. DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, not to mention the whole Civil Rights Movement strive that all those once denied access to proper education have an equal chance in all things especially education. It seems to me that by not trying to take ignorance out of our vernacular is a great disgrace to those who fought for equality. Lets stop the madness and educate our people the way we are supposed to. What is the saying “Knowledge is Power” so, lets get the power. I may have come across as belittling English, but I do know its importance. Ignorance is something we are supposed to

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