Why Ethics Are Important to Auditors

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A qualified person, who inspects the accounting records and the practices of an organization, is the basic definition of a Company Auditor.

In financial accounting, an audit is categorized by the self-governing evaluation of the justice by which a company's financial statements are presented and prepared by and to its supervisor. This task is largely performed by the trained, experienced, self-governed and intent persons, known as accountants or auditors. Auditors are on the whole very informed with every characteristic of auditing and they in turn matter a report known as auditor’s report. Since, the auditor acquire immense knowledge in their company and the marketplace in which the company operates, auditors are highly practiced to
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Ethics may be defined as the actions showed by an individual on himself to ensure his continued survival across the dynamics. It is a personal thing. A person individually performs a task according to his style of work; then he considers himself ethical because he does that with a reason.

Ethic’s role in accounting is a law for all the accountants to follow certain regulations for conducting their jobs of accounting in a justified way. It is followed just to aid public reliance in their accounting. There are a set of regulations which have been set by the AICPA (he American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) for the issue in public’s accounts. The IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and IMA (Institute of Management Accounts) as well have presented their specific code of ethics to pound the set of ethics in accounting as a field. It is the duty of every professional accounting organization to direst all the members of the organization to follow the fixed set of ethical paths.

The most common and searched question that has been asked to the accounting professionals is whether ethics can be successfully taught. The professionals will face the answer at one of time or the other in one’s life span as there is no person in this entire world who came with ethics in their soul or mind. So, we can argue that it is the environment, in which the person grew up or spent his past in, that should be held responsible for the ethics embedded on that
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