Why Eugenics Is A Violation Of A Human 's Rights

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Equal Rights for Equal People As quoted by Nelson Mandela, “to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very existence.” In the past century, humans have been experimenting and debating the use of eugenics, which is the science of improving the human race through controlled breeding in order to increase the occurrence of desirable, heritable characteristics (Mankiller). Although eugenics is supported by many, one could argue that eugenics is a violation of a human’s rights. In the United States Constitution, some of the human rights mentioned are the right to liberty and freedom, the right to live life free from discrimination, the right to control what happens to one’s body and to make medical decisions for oneself, the right to the pursuit of happiness, and the right to life. In countries across the world, there is little debate about these God-given rights. However, this paper will discuss how eugenics is a violation of not one, but every single one of these basic human rights. Eugenics is morally wrong because it promotes abortion for expecting mothers, it creates a stronger sense of racism within a community as well as on a global scale, and it solidifies the social hierarchy. First, eugenics promotes abortion in expecting mothers. In recent years, doctors have started giving non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPTs) to expecting mothers more frequently. NIPTs are conducted by taking a sample of cell-free DNA from a mother’s bloodstream to look for chromosomal
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