Why Even Start Using?

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A High school student starts off with just trying a cigarette, then started smoking just about one cigarette a day, then became addict, he ended up smoking for 30 years, he developed throat cancer and had to breathe through a surgically made hole in his neck for the rest of his life. Just trying tobacco as a teen increases your chances by 80 percent of being addicted to some kind of tobacco in your future as being an adult (Bratsis Michael E). Teen and even children are trying tobacco products earlier and earlier every year. Tobacco products are becoming more advanced for example: the E-Cig. Tobacco producers are coming up with new way to put nicotine into your body. Having this teens want to try the new, non-researched, tobacco…show more content…
What most users say is that they experience a "Buzz" when using a tobacco(Campaign for tobacco free kids), but almost all users say that you build up a tolerance really quick and the "buzz" never comes again. Teens are using tobacco mostly to get the buzz. Another reason why teens experiment with tobacco is because they think they are invincible and they won't be the ones to become a long time user of tobacco. Which is not the case 75 percent of teen users will become lifetime users of tobacco(Campaign for tobacco free kids). So if a person does try a tobacco products their most likely to get addicted for your life and develop several deadly cancers(Campaign for tobacco free kids). Some people think that marijuana is the only gateway drug into bigger, harder, and more deadly drugs (Campaign for tobacco free kids). The use of tobacco product is one of the biggest gateway drugs there is. People don't really see it as a gateway drug because it is legal to use it and the fact that the government okays companies to sell it (Campaign for tobacco free kids). So parents don't really seem to check on the kids to see if they are using it. The fact is is that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and even methamphetamines when used for a long time (Campaign for tobacco free kids). Teens don't get all of this information at an early enough age because schools don't
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