Why Facebook Should Be Legal

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The discussions in this section will first consider the reasons why Facebook should not establish a right to be forgotten for its community if users and then for reasons why they should. Then at the end the selected decision will be mentioned. The right to be forgotten involves right to the erasure of information in the possession of other parties, in this case Facebook and its associated companies like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Facebook had rapid growth in the recent years, as more and more users started using it as an interface to internet. Facebook were successful in getting more users time and attention over a small period of time. The more users they have the more potential for advertising revenue. To get increased profits after…show more content…
Facebook have faced criticism from various international agencies and various international unions (like EU) about their data retention policies. Most of the concerns within the American and outside the America is about invasion of privacy by publication of private facts, or public disclosure. Legislation had been introduced in Congress to regulate online privacy, and President had called for a consumer privacy bill of rights. These legislation will force Facebook to modify its stand on the right to be forgotten. The Restatement of Torts defines the publication of-private-facts tort as the publication of private truthful information about an individual that is highly offensive to a reasonable person. Users have successfully sued against public disclosure of private facts, mainly unwanted information related to illness and hospital records. The possible social pressure and legislation movement will force Facebook to regulate online privacy through self-regulation. The new regulations needs to allow user, who can be identified by information with Facebook, to request to remove all the information immediately. The information about users on Facebook may include negative stories about them, which may be inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant. The right will allow users to remove outdated or extremely
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