Why Failure Is Bad

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Failure isn’t all about always doing bad it’s all about trying and doing good. Not trying is worse than failing. Also because individuals will not learn from experiences, learn about tastes and will never succeed. The first reason why failure isn’t that bad is because individuals will not learn from their experiences and for some students it’s hard for them. Also people have a hard time trying to do assignments in class and fail and people get mad and they retry to fix their mistakes. An example for why failure is not that bad is because before my cousin dropped out of school , she had trouble in school. Also she didn’t think school was really that bad before she dropped out and she was trying over and over to fix her mistakes. Failure isn’t…show more content…
They will feel bad for themselves if they do not try on the subject they have missed also their teachers will see they shouldn’t help the students if they don’t even try either. An example of why failure isn’t that bad when they actually try are experienced students experienced students started out making mistakes and then they were getting better every year when they fixed the mistakes they had on the subject they were struggling in.All students don’t always fail in their life; but when they do they keep trying until they pass every time until they get it. As students can see some people think that students will always fail all the time and that failure is bad for students in life in what situation they're in.
A Lot of people make mistakes in life but failure is not unless students don’t try but if students do this. There are reasons for its individuals will not learn from their experiences,they have different tastes in things,also they will never succeed. Well people will fail and they will be sometimes when they don’t it’s good their happy when they start to pass because they have different tastes in one another. Do you think trying is the worst thing because it’s not because if you try you will succeed all the time as long as you
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