Why Failure Is a Better Teacher Than Success

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At some point in life everyone has experienced success, but how often do you succeed on your first attempt? It is everyone’s dream to be successful, but this success is very rarely given to anyone, everyone has hurdles to get over and their own set of trials and tribulations. What is really important in life are the lessons learned from these events, teaching you more about yourself and the task in which you are attempting to be successful in, and there is no better teacher than failure. Like everyone else, failure has played a large part in my learning process. Teaching me a lot about myself, and also teaching me how to make myself better. One of the main areas I have used my failures to better myself has been in my athletic career,…show more content…
By the time I was 13 years old I was doing the majority of the work to my car, and was making almost all of the minor adjustments to the cars setup while at the track. This lead to a few rough events, and ended up costing me almost $7,000 of money that I had been saving for a car after I turned 18, because I made a huge mistake in my clutch set up, and this mistake cost me a clutch and a motor. This was the turning point in my racing career, I then became a student of the sport, talking to everyone I knew, and doing large amounts of research, trying to figure out how to get my cars setup perfect for every condition and every track that I would go to. This did pay off very quickly, becoming the 3rd ranked driver in the nation in 2004 and holding onto that position until my retirement from Jr. Drag Racing in 2007. With each failure in my life there has been a lesson learned, a lesson that has lead to something successful. Driving me to be better in every aspect of my life. Only time will tell what the lessons I am learning today will lead me to tomorrow. Word count: 1,511 Failure Is a Better Teacher Than Success Kolton McDonald Comp 1
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