Why Famous Athletes Should Not Be Paid?

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There are various athletes around the world that receives a huge amount of money. Compared to other professions, famous athletes make a lot more than doctors, engineers, scientists and many more. High class athletes make up to sixty three to four hundred million dollars a year compared to high class doctors who are saving lives everyday or soldiers who fight for their countries everyday, putting their lives on the line. Whether it is putting a ball inside a hoop or ball behind the net, athletes should not be getting payed more than other professionals. Putting your life on the line for your country or trying to save someone’s life is much more worthy of a sixty million dollar earning. One very important profession that is extremely…show more content…
The long years of learning and training doesn’t necessarily pay off for the doctors at an early age like athletes who just has to move around and play with a ball at age eighteen and receive a ton of money. Most medical students do not get their first jobs until their thirty years old because of the long training they have to endure in order to become a doctor. By that time young athletes going pro will be earning salaries for eight years or so. For example, Lebron James who is highly regarded as the best basketball player in the world. Lebron James did not attend to college, he went straight to the NBA at age eighteen earning money for years while doctors who were as young as him were taking the time to train and study to help other people live. Athletes are not only getting paid but they are not going into serious debt like doctors because of college. Most medical students step into workforce with two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand dollars in educational debt.“Their compensation reflects their time and commitment to their field,” said Jamieson.Wergin pointed to his son, who is just getting his first job in the medical field at the age of thirty. His debt tops now to two hundred thousand dollars (Doctors get paid little? By David Mills). The amount of sacrifice Wergin’s son made to help save lives is unappreciated by the level of pay he gets. We are a huge reason why athletes are getting this type of money. Sports is an entertainment
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