Why Fathers Should Be A Family Policy

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1.A. Fathers should be as equally engaged in parenting as much as mothers are typically expected. Policies Promoting Fatherhood, are centered on making parenting and childrearing equal for both the father and the mother. According to Bogenschneider’s definition of “family policy”, is a government role that “aims to protect, promote and strengthen families through functions such as childrearing and childcare. The family policy is meant to be a broad definition; to include things like defense policy, economic edicts or pollution controls are all counted in the definition of family policy (Bogenschneider, 2014). While the definition could be open-ended, promoting Fatherhood or Co-Parenting would qualify as a true family policy because it…show more content…
The idea of “true paradox” is evident but is not always self-evident. According to Bogenschneider, it is easy to be persuaded towards one side or the other. True paradox can be addressed on more than one way, “pushing in the ignored direction, or simultaneously two opposing, yet valid, policy goals” (Bogenschneider, 2014). This is especially true when asking for both parents to share in childrearing and childcare. Sometimes, tradition conflicts with equality. Women want to be treated equally in most aspects of their lives while also being thought of in the traditional model as the primary caregiver. Finding balance for equally and also wanting freedom to do as one pleases, can be difficult when deciding who is going to care for the children while the other parent is off doing something she or he wants to do, including work. 1. The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified and medical reasons. 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for newborns or newly adopted children, or for serious medical problems for both an employee and relatives in a 12-moth period. This act applies to both the father and mother. For example, a father is just as entitled to take leave time to help with caring for a newborn child, as the mother that gave birth. 1. The first limitation is that the federal government could help expand the reach of the Family and Medical Leave, requiring businesses with less then 50
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