Why Fathers Should Be A Family Policy

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1.A. Fathers should be as equally engaged in parenting as much as mothers are typically expected. Policies Promoting Fatherhood, are centered on making parenting and childrearing equal for both the father and the mother. According to Bogenschneider’s definition of “family policy”, is a government role that “aims to protect, promote and strengthen families through functions such as childrearing and childcare. The family policy is meant to be a broad definition; to include things like defense policy, economic edicts or pollution controls are all counted in the definition of family policy (Bogenschneider, 2014). While the definition could be open-ended, promoting Fatherhood or Co-Parenting would qualify as a true family policy because it directly relates to childrearing and childcare, which are traditionally thought of as primary duties of the mother. Today’s society is evolving as more women are in the workforce and fathers are now being tasked to help in the day-to-day childcare duties. According to the Department for Professional Employees, “Women make up more than half of the professional and technical workforce in the United States” (dpeaflocio.org). Since women make-up over half of the workplace they are spending less time at home taking care of their children so fathers are now having to play an equal role with the mother to raise and care for their children.

1B. Freedom and equality plays a strong role in family policy issues due to the fact they are two things…

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