Why Fda's Launched Operation Barbarossa

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Sunday June 22nd 1941 the Wehrmacht's launched operation Barbarossa; a full scale invasion of the Soviet Union. After the success their blitzkrieg attack on France the Nazi’s planned to do the same except on a much larger scale. The high command was confident that it would be a swift and decisive victory for them because they believed the Russian’s to be primitive. The first part of the German attack went as planned for Stalin didn’t believe the German’s would actually attack. The Wehrmacht captured Leningrad, Kiev, and central Russia with little to no resistance and now had their sights set on Moscow. However just as the officer’s claimed to “see the spirals of the Kremlin” the soviet counter offensive pushed them back with brutal Russian…show more content…
Before the war even started Hitler didn’t follow any of his advisors or generals advice however they all played out in his favour. They told him not to occupy the Rhineland because of fear of retaliation yet when he occupied it France and Britain did nothing. Even during the invasion of France he did not follow the advice of his generals yet everything went his way. However after the successful invasion of France his hubris took the better of him and started to play warlord. After 1941 he made a series of decisions against his advisors best judgment that doomed Nazi German. The two most prominent mistakes were the unprovoked declaration of war against the U.S and invading the Soviet Union. In 1941 Germany was clearly winning their single front war against Western Europe. France had been defeated and Britain was kicked off mainland Europe, and to the East there was a truce with Russia. Hitler wanted more living space for his new super breed of humans and was looking to the East for new land for his new German Empire. While the Wehrmacht high command suggested to focus on finishing off Britain before evading the USSR to a single front; Hitler again ignore his advisors and went on with the attack. If he would have listened to his generals we would have never entered Russia thus would never be placed in Stalingrad.
Hitler Not Allowing People to Retreat
Once in he was in the pitch of the battle of Stalingrad he
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