Why Food Is A Natural Resources

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Natural resources are important because most of the things in the world comes from natural resources. Some people think that food is a natural resource but its not. Food is not a natural resource because you have to grow the food first. Gas and air are both natural resources because air helps you breath and survive on the earth. Gas is a natural resource because it helps us drive our cars and planes. Gas is important because without it how would we get from place to place. Also without gas how would police get to a crime scene or get robbers before they escape from the bank. If robbers get away money will be taken away from people. Bees are a natural resource because people can't make bees. They are also helpful because without them who would take the honey and nectar from plants and flowers so that the can grow. Without the bees who would take the nectar from the plants to help them grow. When bees go extinct the prices of…show more content…
This helps us because at night we can barely see and if it's like that all day people might get in even more accidents. We also need the sunlight so that people can get to there job and home safely without any problems. Sunlight is also a good this because when it is sunny out you can go outside and go to the beach and have fun with friends and family all day long. If there wasn't any sunlight kids wouldn't go outside with their friends because it would be too dark to play anything at all. Water is a natural resource because we can get it from lakes,oceans,rivers, and creeks or even toilets. These are all possible water resources because certain types of people clean the water so that people can drink it instead of getting poisoned everytime you drink water. When people get poisoned they will have to go to the hospital and get treated just because they got poisoned when there are other people in the hospital who also need more treatment than what that one person is
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