Why Food Labeling Is Mandatory For Gmos

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Why food labeling is mandatory for GMOs There are certain basic necessities the human body needs in order to survive. Water, food, clothing and shelter are just some of those most basic needs. We, as humans, have been striving to conquer nature in order to make our lives easier. As we have occupied this earth for thousands of years and survived plagues and wars, one of our most basic needs has always challenged us; how to make more food to satisfy an ever growing population. Eventually our technology afforded us the ability to modify food to preserve it longer and grow more without fear of pests or blights. However, in doing so, the question arises: Do you know what is in your food? This is a question many consumers ask themselves as it…show more content…
What are Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs? “GMOs are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE” (Clendaniel). The genetic modification of food is defined as essentially, “any change to the heritable traits of an organism achieved by intentional manipulation,” or more specifically, “recombinant DNA technology, which is the process of removing individual genes form one organism and transplanting them into another organism” (MacDonald and Whellams 181; Kirby 352). This genetic modification or gene splicing is the basis for modern bioengineering. With ever-growing populations the need for food, now more than ever, is in great demand; along with environmental issues related to climate change, bioengineering has been the answer to a multitude of global tribulations. Scientist have created “drought resistant corn and soybeans,” rice with increased nutrients, and “pest resistant plants” (Kirsch 21). It is evident that growing food with GMOs can result in increased availability of crops that are naturally resistant to insects. Along with this, “The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations reports that some GMO foods have been engineered to be more nutritious in terms of mineral or vitamin
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