Why Football Is The Greatest Sport

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Why Football is the Greatest Sport in America Every country has a sport that they find most interesting. Due to the nationwide involvement, this sport will result in a great amount of revenue, and a common form of entertainment. In America, it is evident that this sport is football. No other sport pulls in the same amount of revenue, media and nationwide attention than football does. It is popular in all age groups, and is the staple of sporting events to attend while students are in high school and college. Football is the greatest sport in America because of the business it has created, and the national draw that has developed from it. The National Football League (NFL) is an example of the incredibly successful industry generated by the sport. This business has been, and continues to be, the highest earning sports league in the United States. Average revenue that a franchise earns in the NFL is 286 million dollars, with the closest industry trailing behind being Major League Baseball (MLB) averaging almost 50 million dollars less (Gaines). Another aspect to observe with this comparison is putting in proportion how much more is made per game since football has significantly fewer games. The NFL creates its leading revenue in only a 16 game regular season, whereas the MLB falls short after playing 162 entire games. Putting this into perspective, an NFL team generates an average 17.8 million dollars a game, but an MLB team generates only 1.4 million dollars a game. Revenue
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