Why Forecasting Models Have Been Developed

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Any organisation needs to have an idea of how the market and customer’s needs may change in the future. That’s why forecasting models have been developed; they offer the management a chance to set up a plan to cope with changes that the organization may come across. In this context, the ISO organization conducts a survey every year on different countries to make a census of the number of ISO registrations. What are the causes for these numbers? How will the ISO 9001 registration numbers evolve?
In the following, we’re going to focus on the ISO 9001 registrations in the world all over and different regions based on the data provided in the survey conducted by ISO, and apply forecasting techniques that we’ve seen during the course in order to suggest a forecast for the evolution of ISO 9001 registrations.
ISO 9001, overview and evolution
Throughout the years, competition and consumer’s behaviour have shaped the definition of quality. This has shed a new light on quality within organizations, giving them a need to formalize and validate their quality management system. This is where ISO 9000 family of quality standards comes in. As a standardisation organism, ISO provides an official status for a certification process and renewing it if necessary. The ISO 9000 family outlines the specifications for an effective quality management system.
ISO 9001 was first published in 1987. To keep up with the changing environment and evolution of the business, ISO has produced different…
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