Why Forrest Gump Is Very Much An Epic

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An Epic is defined as a long poem, typically derivative of ancient traditionally orally related tales that narrated the feats and adventures of heroic or often legendary figures, or the gallant history of a nation. I believe Forrest Gump is very much an epic. When a story transcends multiple lifetimes and incorporates many events across generational lines, it may be then considered epic. Forrest Gump, a tale about a man of slight mind but significant heart who originates from deficiency to become an American Hero leading one simple life leading to an adventure after another. The characterizations in the film and the original book by author Winston Groom will need to be explored to fully extrapolate on what make Forrest Gump an epic in its own right. These two manifestations have noticeably different characterizations of the title character and minor characters along with additional events, or changes to the timeline. Many of the events in the story are comparable to happenings in other epic tales as well such as Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey and to a lesser extent in its precursor Homer’s The Iliad. Odysseus’s journey and the epic adventure that was Forrest Gump’s life are quite reminiscent of each other. When Forrest Gump leaves Greenbow, Alabama to play football for the University of Alabama he starts his long journey away from home. He travels to Vietnam, Washington D.C, New York City, China, Outer Space, and eventually back home to the United States of America after

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