Why Franklin Was A Thoroughbred Renaissance Man

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During Benjamin Franklin’s illustrious 84 years of life he achieved success that seems practically unachievable today. Franklin found success in business, going from a teenager traveling colonial America looking for work as a printer, to building his own printing empire. Aside from business, Franklin also had a knack for inventing. He developed products such as the Franklin stove, bifocals, lightning rod, and the glass harmonica. Include the fact that he was also heavily involved in politics, is one of the founding fathers of our nation, and also one of the most intelligent men of all time, and it is easy to see that Benjamin Franklin was a thoroughbred renaissance man. It is one thing to know about the story of Benjamin Franklin, but it is completely different to understand the potential benefits of following his way of life. This essay will focus on the benefits that Franklin’s story could have on the typical college student. College is a time of immense personal growth, and what better way to grow than with the guidance from the author of the American dream - Benjamin Franklin. After four short years, students are let out into the real world so it is important to be prepared. That is why it would be wise for college students to follow the life of Benjamin Franklin as presented in his autobiography. Franklin’s work ethic, emphasis on personal growth, and frugality are relevant to college students today, and provide an outline for helping students find success.
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