Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong for Georgia

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Georgia and the southern United States of America has historically has always supported a Christian society. Many people in Georgia today, still believe in a Christian society to where people follow god’s word of the bible and will furthermore try to emulate as much of this lifestyle as possible. However, going by these belief systems and knowing that Georgia is predominantly a Christian state, gay marriage simply does not fit into our southern lifestyle here in Georgia. Georgians should not support gay marriage in this state because it violates the natural laws of the universe, it violates the word of god and his teachings in the bible, and it robs the children the opportunity to actually have a normal family life. Historically,…show more content…
Gender roles is an issue that children identify with during there years in adolescence and let’s say for example that you are a male with two female parents, how do these women fill the role of raising a young man when they are both women. Men and women do not do the same activities growing up and raising child of the opposite gender would be incredibly difficult on the parents and the child due to the social stigma of having gay parents. Children need stability in their lives and by having parents that could not teach them a proper gender role; this would cause problems in Georgia if they decided to legalize gay marriage. Overall, children need a traditional family structure in order to be successful in life’s situations and furthermore Georgia needs to vote against this ideal due to the harm that it causes children. Although I can understand where an individual can argue when it comes to legalizing gay marriage, In the United States we are told that we are allowed to do whatever we want to do when it comes to selecting a partner in life. However, most of the population that lives in our state of Georgia has a Christian background and therefore the State should not make it legal here due to our conservatism. The argument may be that it is Un-American to not allow these people to be wed, but Georgia should not allow gay marriage because of its immoral influence on our society and how it disrupts the natural

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