Why Gay Men And Gay Couples Should Be Legal

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How Gay Men and Lesbians Perform as Parents Compared to Heterosexual Couples
Recently, controversies have been witnessed concerning the issues of gender and sexuality. For example, the US government has issued directives regarding the legality of same-sex relationships. Several states in America have legalized homosexuality while the others have remained adamant to accept such sexual orientations. Same-sex and transgender couples have been facing prejudice, discrimination, and hatred from the general public that supports heterosexual relationships. However, the legitimacy of any form of sexuality should be determined following an empirical research and analysis rather than drawing conclusions from unsubstantiated arguments. The most common
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This shows that just like heterosexual parents, same-sex couples have good parenting skills.
When it comes to their children, they show no differences as they grow up when they are compared to the children from heterosexual couples. When a study of children between the age of five and fourteen years was conducted, the results showed that children of homosexual females depicted the normal pattern of development in gender identity (Patterson, 2005). Other studies have also confirmed that such children show normal gender-based behaviors and sexual orientation. Across a wide range of empirical researches, it has been found out that adjustments in such areas like school, family relations, and personality of children from same-sex couples do not differ with those of the children from heterosexual parents (Wainright et al., 2004). Therefore, assertions that the same-sex couples are unfit for parenting lack empirical basis.
Gender Transition and Relationship
A romantic relationship features two individuals, either of the same or different sexes developing reciprocal affection. It is important to note that there is nothing abnormal when someone is in love with a transgender person. The two lovers develop an interest in each other, and they appreciate their sexual nature. Also, love entails a lot apart from the sexual relationship. It is a source of understanding and support. Therefore, when a partner decides to go
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