Why Gay Men and Straight Women Have Such Close Relationships

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In a society where homosexuality is an ever-growing topic, one might wonder why gay men tend to have the closest relationships with straight women. Ellen DeGeneres’ once said, “every straight woman has a gay best friend by their side.” Why is this? I decided to read and write about an experiment that was done to answer the question of why gay men and straight women have such close relationships. The article’s title is, “Friend with Benefits, but Without the Sex: Straight Women and Gay men Exchange Trustworthy Mating Advice.” Previous research has been done on this topic and found that women tend to enjoy a gay man’s companionship because there is not sexual strings attached and bias advice. Gay men find straight women to be extremely trustworthy. Prior research not only compared homosexual males vs. straight women, but homosexual males vs. homosexual males relationships and the same with women. For the current research in this article, researchers hypothesized that the trustworthiness and honesty that often characterizes gay male-straight female friendships may be rooted in mating relevant domains. Basically, with the absence of deceptive mating motivations, one is able to fully feel comfortable and honest within the friendship and not have to worry that they are being hit on. This experiment was done in two parts. The first experiment was known as straight women’s perceptions, and the second experiment was known as gay men’s
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