Why Gender Neutral Restrooms Are A Controversy

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Why Gender Neutral Restrooms Are A Controversy Some people may be confused as to why gender neutral bathrooms are a controversy. This controversy stems from the trans* rights movement’s desire for safety and acceptance. Trans*, short for transgender, is an umbrella term that is used to describe people who identify as a gender they were not assigned at birth, this includes female to male, male to female, agender, and non-binary individuals while cisgender, cis for short, is used to describe someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth. Some trans* individuals many pass as their identified gender and face harassment in the restroom if they are outed as trans*, likewise some trans* individuals do not pass or have not…show more content…
Many arguments against gender neutral restrooms are backed in ignorance and fear of transgender issues and what trans* means. These people believe that transwomen are men in dresses and transmen are tomboys, that gender is binary and rigid. A way to help people accept gender neutral bathrooms is to educate people on trans* issues and what trans* is. To teach people that transwomen are women - not men in dresses, that transmen are men, that gender is not binary, that gender is fluid, that gender identity and gender expression are two different things, that being trans* is not a mental illness. Many people are simply not aware or understand what it means to be transgender. In the Autumn of 2015 a Missouri town was divided when transgirl Lila Perry started using the girl’s restroom and locker room, even after the school offered a single stall restroom. Students gossiped and eventually parents raised concern at a school board meeting, they asked the school to stop giving privileges to “confused teenagers who want to be something they are not sexually". The parents did not get the response they wanted so they and some students organized a student walk out;before this even happened Lila dropped gym class because she feared for her safety. Sydney Dye, a high school senior who helped organize the walk out says “This protest wasn 't out to bully Lila or call her out on anything or try to make her
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