Why Gender Roles Weaken Women And Progress As A Whole Essay

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Why Gender roles Weaken women and progress as a whole: The gender chasm in America “As has been long observed, men are people, but women are women" Acclaimed British-Canadian Author and Psychologist, Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender: How our Minds, Society and Neurosexism Create Difference. Published 2005 Throughout recorded history and even well before, there have been specific specialized roles for members of societies based largely on Gender. These roles loomed particularly large in pre-industrial societies where upper body strength (where most males have a considerable advantage) were paramount and their roles reflected such, men used their greater strength to hunt game and if need be wage war, while their female counterparts, with their lesser brute strength were relegated to the many mundane but vital tasks needed to maintain society, which did not require hitting things and thus were seen as a waste of valuable ‘Man” power(1). After all why waste a stalwart “broad-back” on cooking and cleaning when his time could be better spent protecting his people and preventing some random blood-drinking raider from making a mess of their nice little Settlement after all? and such was the thought process for much of human existence, beliefs, traditions, whole cultures were constructed to support this, so much so that many societies were entirely built around its model, the Spartans, the Aztecs, The Zulu and a great many western cultures will no

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