Why Georgia Should Stop The Death Penalty

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Hideous crimes deserve the death penalty, or so the southern state of Georgia says. Consequently, Georgia holds one of the nation’s top records for carrying out capital punishment, with more than 950 implementations in its 250 year history of executions. Meanwhile, national scholars continuously debate death penalty pros and cons, and the debates ignite both passion and protests. Georgians opposing the punishment intensely explicate numerous reasons for overturning the law, including unreasonable cost, increased crime, and inhumanity. Supporters quickly rally behind the law asserting that Georgia does not demand capital punishment for any minor offenses, most non-fatal indictments, and many fatal indictments; Georgia only demands this hideous punishment for murderers who kill viciously, brutally, violently, and unjustly. Supporters also disagree with the reasons presented by the opposition because there are solid statistical studies that can refute each of these arguments. Consequently, Georgia should continue its support of the death penalty because capital punishment is ethical by Biblical standards, efficient by economical standards, and effective by statistical standards. Just turn on the news or read U.S.A Today and it is impossible to miss copious amounts of evidence pointing to the growth of violent crimes committed in our nation. Does this mean capital punishment is failing to deter crime, or are there statistics supporting the effectiveness of executions?
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