Why Germany lost the War in 1918

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Why Germany lost the War in 1918 After four years of monotonous stalemate the war was finally over. In October the German Chancellor appealed to the USA and by 11th November the armistice was signed in a railway carriage in the French forest of CompiAgne. An end to the war, which had cost so many lives, was the only option for a crumbling Germany. This defeat was inevitable from the outset of 1918 for a number of reasons. They can be split into three categories; the first being the strikes, rebellions and general chaos within a tired, hungry Germany, the second are the gains, losses and mistakes of Germanys military force and the third being the arrival of the USA on the battlefield and the…show more content…
In 1918 alone 1,700 people were struck down with influenza. Families were not just mourning over their dying soldiers but their innocent civilians who were starving to death because of the ongoing war. The utter anarchy in Germany in 1918 was slowly breaking down the power of the Kaiser. Germany wanted him out and by 8th November Germanys wish was granted. The Kaiser fled from Germany opening a position that the socialist leader Ebert gladly filled. The internal collapse of Germany ultimately forced the Kaiser to abdicate which in turn gave Ebert the chance to end the war on 11th November 1918. So in many ways the anarchy in Germany was a main reason as to why the war ended. The last three points about the arrival of the USA, the treaty of Brest Litovsk and the internal affairs of Germany were all crucial points for General Ludendorff's strategic plans and decisions. These are Ludendorff's three main motivations for pushing forward with great force. General Ludendorff knew that if he were to lead Germany to a victory then it would be now or never. The Brest-Litovsk treaty is significant here because it freed thousands of troops that would strengthen the western offensive. The arrival of the USA is an extremely important point because Ludendorff knew that his army was useless against the power and strength that backed the USA so he
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