Why Girls Are Not For The Middle East Essay

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There are 62 million girls, and counting, that are not in school; 3.2 billion including both women and little girls. Education is something taken for granted in first world countries, or countries in good development. Still, even in well developed parts of the world there is a huge hole between genders and what is to become of them. A big portion of this goes to the Middle East as we see that women do not have an appropriate part in society. Because of this we see billions of women and girls not going to school to continue their studies; it hurts a portion of boys and men too, but even far greater to the females of this earth. There are various reasons why girls are not allowed to go to school: poverty which leads to young marriage, violence keeps people scared, societies do not give women their respective place, and the countries suffer because they kill their dreams before they come to life.
Women’s visions in life are not nurtured, and this kills because they could have been the next neurosurgeon or teacher. Also, it is not in the people’s interest to seek education for their children. The older folk generation does not believe education, in any way, is important to succeed in life (PBS). Their belief is that if their daughters are good in their chores and duties as women of the house they will marry well. The Middle East needs its own education system because the Western style does not quite adjust to the people. Shortage of funds is the main principle as to why
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