Why Giving Away Millions of Dollars is Okay

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The utilitarianism principle is commonly thought of as the basis behind making morally good decisions or acting to create the greatest happiness for the greatest amount of people. John Stuart Mill’s basic principle of utilitarianism is usually referred to as the “greatest-happiness principle” because of this (Mill, 7). In chapter two of his book, “Utilitarianism” Mill defines the moral principle of utilitarianism as one that encourages people to act so as to produce or promote the greatest aggregate or combined happiness for all people (p 7).When confronted with the decision of whether to accept the Vanderbilt’s Chancellor recommendation that the Athletics Department budget be cut by 90% in order to raise funds for early childhood…show more content…
Even though a fool may be content with that he doesn’t know, the educated person knows both sides and should feel bad about not helping. Besides education, childhood education programs have been linked to a lower crime level in cities. Lower crime rates mean less people in jail, which would save the state money, and potentially lower taxes for citizens, increasing happiness for a huge base. According to Tennessee’s correctional facilities website, it costs about $65 to keep an inmate in jail for one day. In the terms of having the highest intensity or integrity of happiness, education can lead to higher earning, fewer crime problems, etc. Mill discloses to the reader how to distinguish between quality pleasures (higher and lower). If people would choose the pleasure over a different pleasure even if it comes with minor pain or discomfort, it can be considered a higher pleasure. It is also of higher quality if they wouldn’t trade it for more of the other pleasure. Continuing, it is incontestable that given equal opportunity to receive the opportunities and pleasures, people will choose those that appeal to their "higher" faculties, for example someone who has received an education will not choose to become uneducated and therefore ignorant (p 10). It should be noted that the cut money from the budget would also be put into low-income healthcare. Projects like these help keep people healthy, even if

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