Why "Glee" Promotes Social Tolerance Essay

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Why "Glee" Promotes Social Tolerance

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." This song lyric sang by the "show choir" featured in Glee represents a theme that is carried throughout the shows storyline. The theme is one that can be applied to the idea of social tolerance and acceptance. A high school atmosphere is often wrought with prejudice and stereotyping, which results in many kids never even having the chance to fit in. The wide range of kids that the glee club composes of are not always socially accepted, but the club provides a way for them to come
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Another example is the role of minorities in the group. Instead of giving them some "bit" role in the club, they are encouraged to take the center stage. They don't do this simply to give everyone equal attention, they do it because they realize that the minorities have just as much talent and devotion as everyone else. The kids are happy to be in the club together, and they work to get everyone involved, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or any other "hangup" that the general high school population harbors ill feelings against. To the viewer at home, Glee presents these high school "pariahs" as characters that people can admire and appreciate. Although the majority of the high school students in Glee would likely view the character Kurt's homosexuality as "weird" or "unacceptable", the shows departure from the typical TV depiction of the "All-American high school tough guy", and portrayal of Kurt as a witty and interesting person, shows that watching a character like Kurt can be just as, if not more, entertaining. The role of "All-American high school tough guy" is included in the Glee, but not in the normal fashion. The character Finn plays the role of the star football player that dates the cheerleader, but the show twists this concept, showing how their social statuses integrate with those of the glee club. These portrayals of the glee club members show the viewers that social status is merely a state of mind, and that people

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